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Name: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden
Age: 40
Type: Fire/Psychic
Ability: Child of Knowledge Unbound/Engineer
Level: 70

At this point Harry has the ability to cast spells and is adept at Thaumaturgy like magic, typically in the form of a tracking spell. By taking a part of a larger object or person (blood, hair, fingernails) Harry can create a link between it and the larger object and follow it to its location.
First Evolution:
Harry's appearance is essentially unchanged after evolving. His powers have increased with a large focus on Special Attack and Defense. In addition he's gained the ability to use Soulfire. While wielding this ability his spells will take on a silvery-blue appearance. Currently, Soulfire merges his Fire and Psychic powers, causing both kinds of damage at once.
Second Evolution: In his final form, Harry's raw power is now enough that he can shake buildings with his offensive spells. While physically mostly human his eyes now have a disturbing sort of focus and penetration to them and the smell of smoke and burning constantly clings to him. His Soulfire ability can now form his spells into solid constructs that he can maintain and manipulate after casting them via concentration.

At Will
Fuego: A simple gout of fire that will scale in power as he evolves. Starting out as essentially a Flamethrower attack in his first stage, powering up to the equivalent of a Fire Blast in his second and ultimately to Blast Burn in his third.
Forzare: A manipulation of raw, telekinetic energy. Harry can project this like a wave of pure force or a more focused intensely powerful cannonball-esque blast. More fine maneuvers are possible but extremely difficult. Analogous to the Psychic move.
Riffletum: Harry can now use "Protect" at will. Unlike his Defendarius spell below this one only lasts long enough to block a single attack and will dissipate afterwards but will stop anything in its tracks, physical or otherwise.

Memorized Spells
Ventas Servitas: Basically the Gust move. Harry conjures a powerful gust of wind to blow objects and enemies around.
Aquilevitas: Harry conjures a pressurized blast of water. Equivalent to the Water Gun move.
Fulminos: A bolt of lightning equivalent to Thundershock.
Impugno Obscurum: A blast of pure energy that homes in and always hits its target. Basically an Aura Sphere.
Obscurata: A Psychic-Type spell that bends light to create a veil, rendering Harry and anything or anyone in contact with him invisible to sight though not to other methods like thermal imaging or simple scent. It's a branch of magic Harry isn't very good at though so anybody under the veil must remain perfectly still or the illusion breaks.
Rapiditas: The Agility move. Harry's already pretty quick thanks to his long legs and morning jogs, but casting this spell will add even more speed to that. Great for running the hell away, which is a well-known survival method.
Defendarius: Harry creates a barrier of telekinetic force to deflect physical harm. The barrier lasts for several minutes and he can choose the shape when he creates it. From a tall wall, to a shield-sized disc on his arm to a sphere around himself and others nearby. (Barrier)
Flammamurus: Harry superhearts the ground, melting it down and causing a sprout of lava to erupt from it. (Lava Plume)
Gravitus: Harry concentrates the pull of gravity in an area, pulling Flying-Types out of the air and weighing down opponents. (The Gravity move)
Biggus Kaboomus: As a last resort, Harry can gather all of his very significant power and release it in one, single earth-shaking blast at the cost of inflicting great damage on himself and knocking himself cold. (Self-Destruct)
Arctis: A focused blast of super cold energy directed at a target. (Ice Beam)
Malivaso: Inspired by his mission to Gigas, Harry's cooked up a spell to foul up and ruin technology. The spell works by altering probability and skewing events toward failure so the more delicate components and parts a machine has the more likely it is to fail due to this spell. For example, a computer would be easily fried by this spell while, say, a water wheel would not. This spell also only works by line of sight so while he could destroy a single computer or console he couldn't walk into a building and down its entire network or electrical system. This spell is Dark-aligned.
Mors Stellata: Goddamned Hyper Beam.
Tres Oculus: Tres Oculus. A spell that substitutes Harry's "Sight" ability. Harry opens up his third eye and sees the world on "spiritual" level. He can see energy in motion clearly and when looking on a place or being he sees both as a sort of metaphorical image. For instance, a place of peace and happiness might be bright and colorful and beautiful while a place where something terrible happened might be gloomy and nightmarish. Likewise a kind, caring person may appear angelic while an evil person would appear twisted and horrifying.
Like with most of his spells though, this one comes with little control and no "filter." There are some things the human mind just isn't equipped to handle and the tres oculus exposes the user to all of it with no filter. Worse, anything Harry sees using this spell will not fade with time. The memory will remain as clear and perfect as the first time he laid eyes on it for the rest of his life so he'll use it rather sparingly.
Laqueus: A band of force that wraps up its target comparable to String Shot. Can be strengthened with his Soulfire ability.
Fortius: Harry uses his magic to increase his physical strength and toughness. (Bulk Up)
Disperdorius: A surge of psychic that fractures and forcibly disperses energy. In combat this can be used to wipe out buff moves and spells (Barrier, Bulk Up, etc....) It could theoretically be used to clear negative status effects from an ally but because it's an inherently offensive spell this is more difficult and prone to failure.
Ignis Flagellum: Fire Spin
Petram Catapultum: Rock Blast

Blasting Rod: A simple wooden rod about a foot in length. This Fire-Type Enhanced stick gives a little extra oomph to Harry's Fire moves.
Anti-Ghost Charm: A charm given to him by Rei Hino. It wards off weaker Ghost-Type Pokemon.
Harry's Duster: A black leather duster Enhanced with Steel-Typing. Gives a nice little defensive boost and bestows Harry with Steel-Type resistances while he's wearing it.
Gun: A .45 revolver that Harry can load with special type-aligned rounds. Without the special bullets, it's just a plain gun.
Bullet Types:
Harry's Staff: A heavy oak staff, six feet in length and carved from end to end with runes. A Psychic-aligned item that boosts Harry's Psychic type spells and adds to his control for more finely-tuned Psychic maneuvers.
Also good for whacking bad guys.

Super Potions (20)
Bright Powder

Strong Against: (add negate weakness and add immunity when wearing his duster)
Weak Against:

Super Effective:

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